IIS, short for Internet Information Server is Microsoft's attempt to write a web server. IIS is closely tied to the Windows operating system and the ASP scripting framework. Unfortunately, it is also notoriously insecure and suceptable to viruses. Microsoft is constantly releasing security patches for their product.

Because of its Microsoft's backing, IIS enjoys much greater use than it deserves. Many managers - and some less informed developers - are under the impression that IIS must be used in order to have compatability with other Microsoft products such as the similarly anemic Microsoft SQL Server. While this simply isn't true, this myth persists and works to Microsoft's advantage.

Despite its corporate sponsorship, IIS is not the dominant web server on the market. It is well outpaced by the open source movement's Apache server, which offers better stability and security, and runs on both Windows and Unix based platforms. Managers are stronly advised against using IIS for mission critical applications.

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